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For years now, Latino migrants have had to bear the brunt of society’s ills. Finding a decent job, even after graduating from community college, remains a challenge. Getting on with other folks in the neighborhood or city always has its ups and downs. No matter how many inroads have been found in the interests of multiculturalism, all in the interests of keeping the peace and allowing progress to be made and enjoyed by all who pay their dues, there’s always sectors of society who willfully choose to break others down.

And it is the minorities who seem to feel the pain the most. Go to most cities and states and you’ll see that Latin men and women are still living the hard life in this category. And it’s even prevalent in a number of countries other than those in South America and the Spanish regions. One aspect of life that continues to hit men and women hard is in the love department. Men and women of all ages, never mind the young and the restless, who are single would love nothing more than to meet the right partner.

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