It is also one of the smallest countries on earth too. Not one, but several research studies have determined that the (mighty) Fins are among the happiest people in the world. History also tells the interested reader that these are among the most determined folks too. In history, and just before the Second World War, Stalin, heavy dictator of the once-mighty USSR decided to invade this little country.

The brutal man, as it turned out, was left red-faced in more ways than one. Because the mighty snow ploughs sent all his troops back over the border with their tails between their legs. Today, the once-might Soviet Union is no more. And of course, the mighty ‘little’ Finland is still going strong. Who would have thought. And of course, the Fins have had to put up with many other battles too. They, of course, had one unique ‘little’ challenge to counter.

For a country so small, no other country in the world has as many lakes as this country has. And especially in this day and age, keeping rivers and lakes clean is always going to be a challenge. But not for the Fins. Using their watermaster dredger is for them nothing but a daily cinch. It was the brilliant Fins who invented the original dredger. And it is what you will be using in due course to keep your rivers, lakes and public ponds and pools clean.

watermaster dredger

It was specifically designed to handle shallow waters, where previously it was always a challenge to utilize diving techniques and other mechanized devices to clean polluted waters. And the use of the dredger is a sustainable development as well because it utilizes very little power. And the Fins? Well, they’re still happy.