Human Resources can set the tone and culture for an entire company.  Through policy and procedure, it sets the tone and expectation for all staff.  When HR is lacking or not the right fit for a company, it can be detrimental and lead to an exodus of staff or high turnover.  HR services can help alleviate much of the tension and complications if used properly and aligned with the desired culture.

Some aspects of workplace culture to consider are:


The standard two week vacation may be going to the way side as some companies adopt options like unlimited vacation or “take it when you think you can.”  Frequently, these options are not abused because the staff feel grateful and do not want to lose the privilege.

Expected hours in work week

There are many companies today that are no longer using a 9-5-work day, but rather flexible hours as long as the work gets done.  This is particularly effective in project based work or work that has a clear outcome.

HR services

Remote work options

Remote work, or work from home, is becoming a trend because it leads to workers feeling freer and the work still being done.  Many companies have this option on Fridays and summer hours so staff feel more comfortable and can enjoy the nice weather or long weekend.

Maternity/ Paternity leave

Maternity and Paternity is extremely important with a younger staff and can lead to happier workers so they don’t feel like when they have a child, they have to quit.

Employee health

Invest in them and they will do the same back.  When an employee is healthy, they will work harder.  Encouraging healthy options like free gym memberships, gyms inside the office building, or Weightwatchers meetings for all staff can lead to a healthier and happier office.

Human Resources is the heart of any company and pumps energy to the rest of the staff.